We have both a silent and live auction.  Please stick around until we announce the winning bidders just before 4:30!  

The silent auction will begin after the welcome, and tables will close in shifts starting at 2:30, in order to give you plenty of time to check your other items and bid some more.  The doors will open at 1:30 so you will have a full hour to browse before the tables begin closing!  Use our bid sheet to write your bidder number (located on your ticket and on your program) and your bid.  Be sure to use the bid increments listed on the bid sheet!  Once the silent auction closes we'll have a couple of minutes, then join in our amazing live auction.  The live auction will close, and you will have a few minutes to purchase a To Go box of chocolate samples, if there are any left?  Then, direct your attention to the stage where we will announce item winners.  Come get your winning bid sheets from the stage area, take exit the set of doors beside the stage, and go to the cashier tables.  Once you've paid, take your marked bid sheet down the hall to the pick-up tables.

See you there!!